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Discover books by Carol Neelands that your whole family will enjoy. From Christian biographies to Mennonite historical romance, each book offers an enjoyable and upbeat read that will lift your spirit, and at the same time, make you think more deeply.

Russian Mennonite Trilogy

Captivating, romantic, soul-stirring, and based on the true story of Susie Plett a young Russian Mennonite girl


The Path He Chose for Me

The true story of the author's passionate request and the wild journey that follows.

As you travel that path with Carol you may feel the shame of her failures and cry with her sorrows, but you will also rejoice in her victories and delight in her love stories, and you will thrill with the abundance of answered prayers. You will grieve her husband's dementia, but you will be amazed at the healing that follows.

Carol lays bare the hidden secrets of the soul in a way that will challenge and inspire you, and cause you to grow in your own walk with God.

The Path He Choose for Me is a highly Inspirational, faith building, and practical read for Christian women, or for anyone else yearning to know if a personal God still exists.

The Hugh Neelands Story

This is the success story of a gentle country boy, whose life was not defined by the things he could not do, or by the challenges he faced, but by the way he overcame and became a legend in his community in his time.

Hugh Neelands is recognized in his Canadian neck of the woods not only as an amazing singer, but also as a successful entrepreneur, directly or indirectly responsible for the formation of more than one thriving company.

Life was simpler back in the 1940s and 50s for a child. You could roam the hills and fish the streams, and design your own games that would build up your budding creativity. Maybe you couldn’t read the words on the page or do the math, but you could build your own raft and sail down the river, or even build your own hide-away log cabin in the woods.

Though Hugh struggled with his dyslexia related failures in school, he was not defeated by them. He learned to capitalize on his strength, whether in music or in dealing with people. And he learned to work with the strength of the people who surrounded him. And even beyond all that, he learned to recognize the source of his strength.

Carol NeelandsCarol Neelands

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