Susie's Story

by Carol Neelands

Delightful! Emotional! Amazing but true!

This Mennonite Historical Romance is packed with action and is set in the time of the government inflicted hardships of 1920s Soviet Russia.

Susie Plett is a spunky Mennonite girl blessed with a wise Papa, a quiet Mama, and close family friends. The Remple boy, Josh, is not so bad either once you get to know him, even though he is a terrible tease. It is a peaceful Mennonite existence until the new Communist government shatters that peace, taxing away everything and causing starvation. As the revolution accelerates, Mennonites become targeted. As an evangelist, Papa is in grave danger.

Susie stores up resentment and starts hating the Russian people. How God finally changes her heart, how that change helps her resolve their problems, and how Josh is involved in the whole situation is all part of the tearjerker climax.

(Devotional questions for each chapter are included in the back of the book.

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