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Carol Neelands' mission is to write Books that will leave you changed for the better while giving you a delightful read. With a focus on Christian biography and Mennonite historical romance, her books will inspire, uplift, and encourage you. We hope you will think more deeply about life's important questions as you embark on an enjoyable journey of personal growth through the power of storytelling.

For more about Carol, read her biography "The Path He Chose for Me"

Our principles

We believe in clean words and pure thoughts. You will find no foul language or anything else that would soil the mind in Carol Neelands books

A Chance to Learn from History


Clean and Pure

We offer entertaining fiction at its best, as well as captivating stories of real people. But every book points to a personal Savior who guides our steps if we let Him have control of our lives.

Understanding the past can be hugely beneficial in knowing how to live for God in the present. Our books describe past mistakes but also point to glorious victories.

A word of caution: While reading Carol’s biographies and biographical novels, you could find your own life challenged and possibly forever changed.

Carol Neelands was the youngest child of former Russian Mennonite immigrants who had both come to Canada to escape the persecution of the new Soviet regime. Her parents had experienced some of the horrors of the Russian Revolution and were among the last to leave before Canada closed its doors. Carol writes of her mothers experiences in her exciting "Russian Mennonite trilogy" which includes “Susie's Story,” “Susie's Journey” and “Susie's Calling.” Though written as fiction, the incidents in these books are true.

Eventually her parents left the Mennonite denomination and went out on their own, bringing the gospel to their mission field of Northern Canada before moving to Yarrow, British Columbia, where Carol was born.

Many years later, Carol with her husband, Bruce Flett, began doing mission work with the First Nations people of Northern Canada, continuing a dream her parents had had. It was during this period of her life that she wrote “Gang Trouble,” an exciting young adult novel depicting the real world of life on a native reservation. “Gang Trouble” is temporarily out of print, but should be available shortly.

After they had moved back to Owen Sound, Ontario, Bruce became very sick and developed serious dementia. How God used coconut oil to heal his brain is told in Carol's book, “The Path He Chose for Me.” Bruce's dementia never came back, but eventually God did take Bruce home. Carol learned to live as a widow until God put together an amazing set of circumstances that led to her becoming the wife of the singer, Hugh Neelands. You will also find those thrilling details in “The Path He Chose for Me.”

Carol has recently published a new book in corroboration with her husband, Hugh. "The Hugh Neelands Story" is available on Kindle and in paper back. Throughout the month of May 2023 it was #1 off and on in Amazon's Hot New Releases for "Religious Biographies" and also "Biographies of People with Disabilities," and made it to the top 10 in both of those over all categories.

Both Hugh and Carol live with the learning "difference” of being dyslexic. For Carol, it made her dream of being a writer seem like a crazy impossibility. She could barely write, and she certainly could not spell.

But when God puts a dream in your heart, he also provides the means to fulfill that dream. Through the advent of the computer, and the encouragement of a night school teacher who fell in love Carol’s heart warming writing style, Carol started her first book, Susie’s Story.

Carol Neelands is an emotional writer and her books are apt to cause you to shed a tear or two, but they are all upbeat, uplifting, fast paced and easy to read. You will relate to her characters in spite of their flaws, and as you read, you will be blessed by the lessons they have learned and you will be helped in your own walk along life’s road.

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