Books by Carol Neelands

Susie's Story by Carol NeelandsSusie's Story by Carol Neelands

Susie's Story

Delightful! Emotional! Amazing! But true!

Russian Mennonite Historical Romance

packed with action and set in the time of the government inflicted hardships of 1920s Soviet Russia.

Susie's Journey

Susie is thrilled to be heading toward Canada with her friend Josh.

She is certain that their trials are over now and everything will go well, but the situation changes, and her plans for a rosy future look uncertain.

Susie's Calling

Susie has a dream.

All she has ever wanted was to live on a farm with a husband of her own, to tend to her own babies, to fix meals for her own family and to raise that family to serve God, but did the Lord have a different plan for her life?