Does being Gentle and Compassionate make you Feminine

Sweet little boys turn into gentle compassionate men

8/8/20232 min read

“You were such a sensitive, sweet little boy.” I hear Hugh’s older sister reminiscing. “You would always be lagging behind watching a butterfly or admiring a flower. You were different from the rest of us!” Maxine had been listening to Hugh’s book being read to her, and now she wanted to discuss it with him.

As they reminisced, I thought about the adorable little boy in the picture. He was looking up at something, probably a bird or a butterfly, and he was a perfect miniature of the sweet gentle man I married. He had always hated taking part in anything mean; he loved listening to the babbling brook or watching dust particles dancing in the sunlight; he was a dreamer. And then I wondered.

I wondered what would have happened to this wonderful man if he had been born in this era. I wondered what would have happened if he had had modern-day, gender-confused parents. Would he have become the successful business man that he became, with four beautiful children who love and respect him and have followed him into the construction industry? Or would he have been a broken man, talked into the idea that he was feminine and therefore should be mutilated and drugged to play the part of a girl?

Even back then in the era just after the war, he was embarrassed about his softness and tried to hide it. Gentleness just was not cool for a man. And he did want to be cool. He wanted to be a tough guy, but he wasn’t. Not inside! He might have put on a good front for a while, but he was what he was, a gentleman. Oh, yes, he could get angry when the situation called for it, but that didn’t happen often, not when he knew it could hurt someone.

Then I got thinking of another gentle man. He got angry once in a while, too, when the situation called for it, but more often than not, He was helping people, showing compassion when anyone was sick or hurting or hungry, and He loved kids to, and never ever wanted to destroy anything that was good. His mother, Mary, must have wondered about Him. If she had lived in this day, would she have been pushed into taking him to a psychologist to see if he should really be a girl? She may have been pushed, but she was a hand-picked-by-God woman, and she knew her child was the perfect manifestation of manliness.

Thank God, Jesus showed us that gentleness could be a beautiful part of being a man! He was the ultimate man, the Son of man, the Son of God. The perfect sinless Son!

I thank God for the compassionate Son of God, who is my Heavenly Bridegroom, and I thank God for the Compassionate, gentle man who, six and a half years ago, became my husband here on this earth.

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