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Reviewed in Canada on June 21, 2023

I enjoyed reading the story of Hugh's life. I met Hugh about 5 years ago and was impressed with his positive attitude about life. Despite his visual impairment, he just kept on doing whatever he could do...washing dishes, going for walks by himself and playing croquinole when he could not even see the pegs. After reading his book, I can see that this has been his motto for life," When the going gets tough, the tough get going." It is wonderful to see how Hugh never let the tough things in life hold him back. God was certainly working in Hugh's life to shape him in to the wonderful loving, caring and compassionate man that he is today.

Heather Walters

Reviewed in Canada on May 27, 2023

This is a very enjoyable, well written biography, with easy, positive flow of life growing up in a small Canadian town. The topics are timeless: family, community, addiction, learning disability, health, career and faith. It has refreshing honesty and reminded me often of the biography Lazy B by Sandra Day-O.Connor with the warmth and maturity of the best real-life stories. Hugh’s sharing of the details of his life will resonate with anyone, anywhere.